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With the new laws in place that prevent players from the USA from playing at casinos and certain payment modes like Neteller and Moneybookers being no longer available to people in the US, many of us wonder how to make a casino deposit when we finally find a casino that accepts US players. This article is aimed at helping you find the best payment method while playing at an online casino.

Deposit money with a Credit Card

If you hold a credit card other than those mentioned above, it is still possible to make a deposit in most online casinos, however credit cards are increasingly being rejected, and so it is probably a good idea to have a back up from one of the other options mentioned below. If you want to cash out you need to open an ewallet.

Neteller, Moneybookers, Ecocard and USemybank banned US deposits

Both Neteller and MoneyBookers, which were previously popular ways of transferring money to online casinos, have now effectively stopped accepting new American clients. Apart from these two, Citadel and myCitadel also have banned players from the US. Among the others who have exited the US market are EcoCard, UseMyBank, Central Coin, ePassporte, PaySpark, FirePay and Instadebit.

Listed below are some transaction management tools that still accept players from the US, and a brief note on each one of them. If you are looking for a way to gamble this list should prove useful.

It is important to note however, that regardless of the payment method, and the casino’s openness to accepting players from the US, there are still a number of states where it is illegal for Americans to gamble online. Please find out if online gambling is still legal in your state before you decide to make an online bet using any of these methods.

Visa Credit Card Deposits

Visa Card : The ever popular Visa credit/debit cards are still available for depositing. Having said this, there are some casinos that will reject credit card payments. In this case, it is suggested that you try one of the other alternatives suggested on this list.

Deposit money with Master Card

MasterCard: After the Visa card, this is the second biggest widely accepted credit card. Like with the Visa card, there are chances that your transaction might get rejected, in which case you can choose from on of the options listed below, or contact the customer support of the casino for other alternatives.

Online casinos that accept American Express, Amex Deposits

Using an Amex card is a bit of a tricky proposition. There are many online casinos that will not accept payment by American Express cards, but in casinos that do accept Amex, this has proven to be a very reliable method that is still open to American players.

JCB Credit Card Deposit Method

JCB Cards: This is another popular credit card that has been used by players from the US to make deposits in casinos. As with other casinos, it is important to note whether payment by credit card is accepted before making a deposit, and there is a chance that your transaction will be rejected.

Deposits with Diners Club Card

Diners Club Cards: This is the worlds first all purpose Charge Card. The Diners Club card is welcomed by certain online casinos in order to make deposits.

Deposit money with Western Union

Western Union: Western Union remains a reliable payment solution for players from the US. However it is a public company, and they may ban US players at any time. Till then, it is both a safe and convenient way of transferring money to gamble.

Money deposits using wire transfer

Wire Transfer: Wire Transfer has been popular since before the advent of the Internet, and it still remains the most reliable ways to pay at most casinos. Several casinos like Online Vegas Casino however take it one step further and offer a 15% bonus on any deposit above $100 by wire transfer.

eWalletXpress casino deposit

This payment method continues to accept players from the US. It has proved reliable and handy for many players. As an added bonus, since January 17, 2007 eWalletXpress offers a 10% sign up bonus for the first deposit up to $100.

Quick Tender, UseMywallet money deposit

This payment mode is an alternative to the EcoCard and is also called UseMyWallet by most online casinos. They continue to accept players from the US, but it is advisable however to have a look at their website to confirm whether they are still accepting US players.

NetPay casino deposit

This is another reliable and fast method of transferring money to an online casino. the only problem with this method is that not all US friendly casinos accept money transferred by NetPay.

eCheck deposit method

eCheck still accepts payments in US Dollars for old clients. At present, for new users this payment mode has limited usage for US casino players.

Solid Debit a prepaid card money transfer

This is a free prepaid debit card that can be used to deposit money in most casinos. Solid Debit has proved to be safe and reliable, as well as being easy to use.

Netspend prepaid card

Netspend offers you reloadable prepaid cards. The card can be reloaded by credit card as well. Casinos like the SlotoCash highly recommend this mode of payment.

Prepaid card make a deposit with WWWcard

This prepaid card that has proved to be safe and reliable. It is possible to reload this card at 7-eleven stores across the US as well as by Visa Card. Despite the fact that the payment methods are accepting US dollar transfers at present, it is a good idea to check their websites for their current policy towards players from the US.

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